SDF-1 Macross



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Restoration and reconstruction of then-named ASS-1 for use as the main warship of UN Forces authorized in 2001 September. ASS-1 was redesignated SDF-1 in the same month. Construction of a second Macross class ship began in 2003 November. SDF-1 Macross is due to launch in 2009 February 07 after initial estimated launch date of 2006 May.

This is of course where we should be at, in the Macross timeline. The SDF-1 is soon to be renamed Macross in January 2009 and should launch on February 07, 2009. According the timeline we should be attacked by the Zentraedi on that day. Let's hope none of this actually happens!

and you can tell, or should be able to tell, that this show was a favorite of mine growing up but SDF is so much more than a really great anime series. SDF is a Public Access Unix System that has been around since at least 1987 and as one of the oldest surviving Public Access System around has had a notable role in geek history.

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